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Iolite Copyright Management Software is a powerful administrative software that manages the complete workflow process of Copyright portfolio managers with regards to allocation of deadlines, correspondence, case document docketing & reminder alerts for hearing due dates, due filing & submissions to eliminate errors & never miss an important deadline. Iolite offers a user-friendly interface that transforms the office of IP Attorneys, and Copyright Agents paperless.

Iolite is specially designed for Copyright Attorneys & Agents to integrate the Inter-Departmental users of the IP Law Firms, such as Partners, Principles, Associates, Para Legal team, Clerical & Marketing Staff whilst maintaining agreed levels of restricted access on a single platform.

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  • Centralized Resilient Storage on Cloud
  • Reduced cost of IT infrastructure and IT man-power
  • Collaboration Efficiency using Cloud
  • Accessible from anywhere, anytime in the most secure manner
  • Visible reduction in man-power time and cost as Iolite offers a fully managed software
  • Major reduction in the overall cost of managing the Copyright Portfolio
  • Reduction in Chances of Errorss
  • Time Management and Fast Processing of Information
  • Aids in Growing your Business
  • Periodic and reliable MIS Reports, from one source for reviews
  • Flow process across the organization becomes systematic, accurate and simplified
Upto 50%
Men Power Decrease


Deadline Calendar

The Deadlines Calendar displays the list of all upcoming deadlines to the user for various Copyright Dockets. The software offers color coding for various categories of deadlines i.e., Examination Reply, Hearing, etc. keeping your deadlines organized. The Iolite Copyright Management Software allows you to synchronize your deadlines with your personal Google & Outlook calendars making deadlines accessible on your phone & tablets.

Deadline Calendar

The Dashboard provides a graphical user interface that provides at-a-glance views of key performance indicators (KPI) relevant to the Copyright business processes. In other words, it provides a progress report of the various Copyright filed across the world.


The client module allows users to store the complete data of the client at a centralized location and helps to retrieve client details at various stages in the software without re-entering the same, keeping the content uniform throughout the software making retrieval of accurate data.

Client Management
Client Section Management
Client Section

The Clients can log in and view their complete Copyright portfolios and download summary reports in excel & documents i.e., certificates, etc. The Clients can also place instructions to the staff i.e., Application of Copyright, etc using the software.

Copyright Application Docketing

Store, process and retrieve complete Copyright information, deadlines, and documents right from the day of filing the Copyright application to examination, publication, registration of the Copyright in the centralized Copyright repository making the workflow of law firms highly simplified, productive and smooth.

Copyright Application Docketing
Copyright Legal Petition Docketing
Copyright Legal Petition Docketing

Store, process and retrieve complete legal petition information, deadlines, and documents right from the day of filing the legal petition to counter-statement, evidence filing, and hearing of the legal petition in the centralized Copyright Legal Petition repository making the workflow of law firms highly simplified, productive and smooth.

Complete Copyright Workflow Process

The software provides an automated process flow during the complete life cycle of a Copyright application using the specially designed Law Engine.

Complete Copyright Workflow Process
Centralized Storage
Centralized Storage

A centralized docketing repository allowing you to store and retrieve all the documents, deadlines, and details from anywhere at any time.

Bulk Data Migration and Creation

A user can import bulk Copyright applications details into the software using the excel import facility.

Bulk Data Migration and Creation
Add New Case
Add New Case

"User can create a Copyright application docket using "Add New Case". Users can fill in information like Copyright details, applicant details, nature of work, publishers and authors details, etc.

Form Management

The software allows you to docket all forms that are filed at the Copyright office. The software allows you to export individual form pdf or all forms in the zip file. It also allows you to store deadlines of form pending for submission and you can generate reports of the pending list of form filing deadlines.

Form Management
Document Management
Document Management

The software allows you to docket various types of documents like POA, GPA, etc. The software allows you to export individual document pdf file or all files in one zip file.

Formality Check Management

The software allows you to docket formality examination failure report document and generates the reply filing deadlines in the software. The software allows you to export individual formality examination pdf or all formality examination pdf in one zip file. Your team members can also generate reports of the pending list of formality examination failure reports being replied to as well as the list of formality examination failure reports which are replied.

Formality Check Management
Examination Report Management
Examination Report Management

The software allows you to docket all examination reports received with a deadline date by which you need to submit your reply to the Copyright Office. The software allows you to export individual examination report pdf or all examination reports in one zip file. Your team members can also generate reports of the pending list of examination reports to be replied to as well as the list of replied examination reports.

Hearing Management

It is a tough task to keep track and manage the upcoming hearings to be attended. Using Iolite what you need to do is just generate a report of upcoming hearing deadlines, say for the next 30 days, and analyze the list of upcoming hearings and plan your schedule accordingly.

Hearing Management
Order/Decision Management
Order/Decision Management

The software allows you to docket all order/decision received from the Copyright Office. The software allows you to export individual order/decision pdf or all orders/decisions in one zip file.

Publication Management

The publication is a very important milestone reached in the copyright life cycle. The software allows users to docket the publication copy along with the date of publication. Users can download reports of publication received for the Copyright portfolio for a given client. The users can also download the individual publication copy or all publication copies in the zip file.

Publication Management
Registration Management
Registration Management

Registration of the Copyright is the final milestone in the process of a Copyright application. The software allows the user to docket the Copyright registration certificate file with certificate/registration no and registration date. Users can download reports of registered Copyright applications for a given client or date range. The users can also download the individual registration certificate or all registration certificates in one zip file.

Email Communication Management

Informing a client of an update in the status of Copyright at each stage is a very crucial activity and drafting these communication emails is a very tedious and time-consuming activity. Iolite Copyright Management Software comes with a communication manager that allows you to draft template-based letters for client communication. You can select any given draft template and send information updates about the Copyright and attach the document with just a few clicks. The communication manager picks automatically relevant information from the Copyright docket in the draft template and prepares the final letter. A log of all email sent from the software can be generated at any given time. The user can configure their Email SMTP configuration using which the email can be relayed using their email id.

Email Communication Management
Notes Management
Notes Management

Store important client instructions for all Copyright application in the centralized repository for quicker access.

Deadline Management

User can store all important deadlines pertaining to the Copyright application in the docket. On completion of a deadline, users can dismiss the deadline with the reason of closure. Facility to view the details of the deadlines. Users can communicate the deadlines with one click using the pre-formatted template email to the client. It also provides a facility to allocate the concerned user responsible for the deadline management.

Deadline Management
Case Summary Reports
Case Summary Reports

It provides an exhaustive summary report to the users to export all Copyright applications as well as legal petition details. The user can filter the report using a wide variety of filter parameters to get the required details. Users can also select the required columns that are to be exported to excel. To view any particular Copyright details users can also move to the case. Users can send email communication to clients using preformatted templates.

Deadline Report

Using deadline reports the users can generate a list of upcoming deadlines approaching shortly. The users can filter out the deadlines list on a wide variety of parameters and export the required deadline list in excel. The user can also dismiss the given deadlines and specify the reason for the same. To view more details of any Copyright application the user can click on the "Arrow Icon". To further investigate any deadline in detail, users can select the Copyright application and press move to the case.

Deadline Report
Document Report
Document Report

Using the Document report the user can download the list of documents docket in the software for any given range of dates using a wide variety of filters. Moreover, if the user wants to export the documents in bulk, the software provides a zip file of all documents selected. E.g., if a user wants to export all registration certificates for a particular client for this month, he/she can filter out the documents and press the Download Selected Docs button. Moreover, a user can also press the download button against any document to download. To further investigate any document in detail, users can select the Copyright application and press move to the case.


It allows users to configure recurring variables once in the masters so that they can be used across the software to reduce the efforts of typing the values again and again. It also makes the software scalable by avoiding hardcoded variables to dynamic variables. Further, it maintains the variable contents uniform throughout the software making filtering of data accurate.

Masters Management
Accounts Management

Generate Invoices, Receipts, and Credit Notes using preformatted templates and email them to clients directly. Generate analytical summary reports and Statements of Account for any client.

Time Sheet

Record task details i.e., Start & End time, Description of task performed, etc. carried out by staff for various Copyright application & legal petition filing.

Time Sheet Management
Expense Management
Expense Management

Store the expense invoices received from the third-party Agent and Attorney for filing the Copyright applications & legal petitions and record the payment made against these invoices. Generate analytical reports of expense incurred and payment against them.

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